Thank you to BTI for keeping the lights on! Without them we wouldn’t be here today.
Bicycle Technologies International, and employee owned company since 2020, has been a distributor of technical cycling products and accessories since 1993. Offering over 20,000 items and 300 global brands to choose from, BTI supplies bike dealers with a wide variety of components, tools and staple items necessary to run a successful independent bicycle shop. If you are considering opening a shop, you should check them out.

How to Become a Sponsor

Cranksgiving, the world’s largest bike mounted food drive, is a 100% homegrown bicycle industry event. As we seek ways to grow this phenomenon, support from within the bike industry becomes key.

Bike industry sponsors can become involved in a number of ways -through employee challenges, matching food bank donations and schwag.

While prizes are certainly not the main motivator behind most people’s participation – they certainly do help! With over 100 city locations, partnering with Cranksgiving can connect your brand to organizers on a grassroots level.

We’re open to discussing your ideas! Contact for more details.