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Contact Information
Event date: November 16, 2019
Organizer(s): Ian Smith
Location Name: 14th Star Brewery, St. Albans, VT
133 N Main St #7, St Albans City, VT 05478

"Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels."

Come join us for the first annual Cranksgiving in St. Albans! This food drive on two wheels is run like an alleycat. Racers will receive a manifest ten minutes before the start of the race which will contain:

-Race Route
-Grocery Store Stops
-Shopping List

This is a race so the first person to hit each grocery store, purchase all items on the manifest, and return to Fourteenth Star Brewery's parking lot is the winner!

The Goal: to collect as much food as possible for the local food shelf in time for Thanksgiving.

What you need to bring:
-A backpack, the bigger the better
-About $25 (To buy food at each grocery store)
-A bike

Race Details:
-BE SAFE; obey traffic laws, don't give bikers a bad name, etc.
-Registration is free; the only cost is the food you purchase as a part of the race
-You MUST follow the order of the stores; no skipping or changing store stops.
-However, your route to each store is up to you.
-Extra Credit: Pickup a turkey at any point in the race to reduce your final race time. Each pound of turkey = five seconds off of your final time!