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Contact Information
Event date: November 20, 2021
Phone: 651-641-1037
Organizer(s): Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles and Midway Bicycle Supply.
Location Name: Zion Lutheran Church
1697 Lafond Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104, United States
Sponsored by Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles and Midway Bicycle Supply.
This year we are offering Cranksgiving 3 Ways!!! We will host the traditional alley-cat style race where riders go from store to store and purchase items to donate. We will also invite the community to drop off food items at Zion Lutheran Church during the event. Our third way is that folks in the neighborhood around the church can call in advance and schedule a food donation pickup. We will recruit folks to ride bicycles house to house to pick up the donations. We are also planning on dispatching riders to some satellite locations to pickup food donations. This will allow us to involve a larger number of folks than just those who are into alley-cat racing. We are also making it accessible.
For further information about Cranksgiving 2021 St. Paul, please contact Benita Warns at 651-641-1037.