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Contact Information
Event date: November 19, 2022
Organizer(s): Recess Forever + Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative
Location Name: Scuffletown Park
Scuffletown Park, Strawberry St. Alley, Richmond, Virginia 23220, United States 23220

Join us for Richmond Cranksgiving 2022!

We've been collecting food from all over the bike community from 11/13-11/18 and we need YOU to add to it and deliver it! Currently there are drop boxes at bike shops all over Richmond, as well as local businesses that have donated to the cause. You can find us at weekly rides all this week too, collecting non-perishable food from bikers all across RVA.

On Saturday 11/19 we'll meet at Scuffletown Park at 12PM and then start the alley cat at 1PM. Bring a bag, a pen, $5 or 1 pound of fresh produce to enter the alley cat. We'll give you a package of food we've collected and you'll ride around to the fridges! Extra little tasks for points, and prizes will be given for speed and points.

All money and food will be donated to RVA Community Fridges, who provides free food for everyone, available at any time, all around Richmond. The race will end at 4PM with a show, grill out, raffle and moving sale at Rag & Bones.

This event has been sponsored by dozens of businesses around Richmond! Please visit the event for more info!