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Contact Information
Event date: November 13, 2022
Phone: 6083355364
Organizer(s): Black Saddle Bike Shop/billynrthwoods
Location Name: The Capital
2 East Main Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703, United States, USA 53704


It’s almost time for our favorite holiday of the year—CRANKSGIVING!
What is Cranksgiving, you say?! We’re glad you asked. Part bike ride, part food drive, part scavenger hunt, Cranksgiving has been held annually in New York City since 1999.
NEW TO THIS YEAR! We will be doing a group ride from the Capital, if you're down, or enjoy this event in your bubble of friends or start/end wherever you want! THE GROUP RIDE WILL START AT THE CAPITOL!
Please continue to create great memories together and remember why we are really doing this!
When you ride in this year’s Cranksgiving, you’ll be helping the Goodman Center’s Thanksgiving Basket Drive, which has provided holiday dinners for Dane County families for the past 32 years. The Goodman Center plans to register 4,000 families for Thanksgiving baskets this year—that's 22,000 Dane County residents (including nearly 10,000 children)—and we need your help to make it happen.
You in? Here’s what you have to do!
Pick up your Cranksgiving manifest at Black Saddle Bike Shop(601 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI) from November 7th- November 12th during normal operating hours. Then one last final pick up on November 13th from 9am-10am at the CAPITAL! THE GROUP RIDE WILL START AT THE CAPITOL! We are letting you pick up the manifest early because if you don’t want to do the event on the day of the event, you are still able to do it whenever! Your manifest will have scavenger hunt details that include what you need to pick up and where to get each item. The grocery stores will be expecting you!
On the day of the event (Sunday, November 13th or if you choose to do it early) you should bring a bike, a bag, a lock, your mask, and about $25 to $50 to buy food. Oh—and nobody is gonna be mad if you get more than what’s listed on your manifest. This is YOUR grocery-getting adventure. So stuff those panniers with stuffing, strap that turkey into your bike trailer, and grab all the green beans you can carry.
After you’ve picked up all your items, ride over and drop them off at the Goodman Center at 149 Waubesa Street.
Sound easy enough? Just follow these simple rules, and you’ll be all set:
-You must purchase the item(s) on your manifest at the specific stores listed, unless it’s sold out.
-You must put the receipt for your items in the envelope with your manifest.
-You may drop items at the Goodman Center at any point during the “race”.
Everyone who participates and picks up a manifest, we will grant you a Free Slice Card for Ian’s Pizza.
We will be doing a HUGE group ride from the shop if you're down or enjoy this event in your bubble and start/end wherever you want! Please continue to create great memories together and remember why we are really doing this!
Learn more about the origins of Cranksgiving here, and thanks in advance for all your help