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Contact Information
Event date: November 16, 2024
Phone: 501-502-8404
Organizer(s): Cyclists of Arkansas
Location Name: Little Rock, AR
What you need to know : You'll need to bring a bike, a way to carry your goods (basket, bags etc.) and about $20. A lock is highly recommended. We'll hand out a list of food items and stores, scavenger items and you'll need to get to those stores and back with the goods.
Registration is free, and the food items you bring back will be donated to The Van.
Cranksgiving is only a race if you want it to be. Come and do it at your own pace, or just come hang out, have a good time and be part of a good cause.
There will be five stores to hit, and a maximum distance of about 15 miles. Your route is pre-chosen.
Bicycles, tricycles, recumbent cycles and tandems will be lined up on the street in front of the post office in dowtown Little Rock on Saturday, November 21st. at 1:00 p.m.  The sight of a man dressed helmet-to-pedal in a turkey costume will make it obvious this isn't a typical bike race.
During the yearly event, bicyclists ride five-to-25-mile courses from one local grocery store to another, buying canned food to donate along the way.
For many people, this is the end of the cycling season and it's a good way to finish up the season. It's not a race. Families come out and buddies come out and they just have a good time. It’s just a good ride.  It also shows that cyclists are a really generous group, a compassionate, and a tight group.  The ride will also give bicyclists an opportunity to show others that they are part of the neighborhood.
At the grocery stores, people see cyclists doing something good for the community. That’s a plus for all the bicycling community here, because we commute by bicycle. We want cars to respect us and mutually we want to respect cars, and also it feels good to give food to people who need it in this holiday season. That need is the central thrust of Cranksgiving Little Rock.