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Contact Information
Event date: November 1, 2020 - November 21, 2020
Phone: 319-499-8746
Organizer(s): Nicholas Maddix
Location Name: No Starting Location - Freelance
1121 South Gilbert Court, Iowa City, Iowa 52240, United States 52240

2020 will be Iowa City's 2nd annual event. In 2019, 350 pounds of food and goods was donated to the CommUnity Crisis Services & Food Bank in Iowa City! We also raised funds for both the Food Bank and Table to Table. Our official "Cranksgiving Day" is Saturday, November 7th, but we encourage you to ride and donate between November 1st and the 20th.

In light of the COVID-19/20 pandemic, there will be no in-person event or meetup. Instead, we encourage everyone to "freelance" it on their own time and in their own way. You can grab all the items at one store and donate them to the Food Bank or Table to Table directly, or you can still try to complete all the stops and to try to obtain bragging rights with the fastest time or having spent the most money - it's up to you!

All of the items collected during the event will go to the CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank and Table to Table in Iowa City.

If you'd rather not ride at all, but instead simply donate to the charities, you may do so by visiting the above organization during their business hours or online. A $20 minimal donation is highly encouraged, but please feel free to give whatever you can afford. Checks should be made out to: CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank and/or Table to Table (you can give to one charity or split the amount among both of them).

Despite the pandemic, we hope you will ride and/or donate! This year will be difficult for many families, and because of you, we'll be able to make it a happier Thanksgiving for many. Thank you!

Please check out our website for full information pertaining to this event.

We hope to be back in-person in 2021. Until then, be safe and be generous!