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Contact Information
Event date: November 19, 2022
Phone: 8028634475
Organizer(s): Old Spokes Home
Location Name: Old Spokes Home
331 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401, United States 05401

Old Spokes Home is proud to present our second annual Cranksgiving!

Cranksgiving, a nationwide event, is a zany and exciting food drive on wheels. Rather than a defined route, riders will be given a list (or manifest) of stores and food items to visit and collect. You will prove your completion of the manifest with receipts (so keep 'em!) and your food haul. The route is up to you; what's your priority? Speed? Fun? Distance?

The event itself is free, with no required registration nor entry fee, but collecting all of the items on manifest should cost around $25. NO TURKEYS, PLEASE!

All food collected at the Old Spokes Home Cranksgiving will be donated to the Feeding Chittenden Food Shelf, our neighbors just down N. Winooski Avenue.

Prizes will be awarded for best outfit, heaviest bike (including collected food), and dead effing last. Maybe we'll have something for the first finisher too.