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Contact Information
Event date: November 13, 2022
Organizer(s): Cassandra / Ken
Location Name: 139 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY
principles GI Coffee House, 139 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215, United States 11215

This year's ride will be similar to last year's format to ensure that we maximize the impact of the donations our community partners receive. Instead of visiting supermarkets to buy food to donate to charity, participants will cycle around Brooklyn, stopping at various checkpoints where they'll have to snap a picture and upload to social media or complete a fun task or trivia question. Riders will be able to donate cash that will go directly to Brooklyn-based food pantries and charitable organizations, as they can purchase far more food with cash than we could. $20 is recommended but you can bring as much or as little cash as you like. Please bring cash, as electronic donations may not be possible. More details and registration here.