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Contact Information
Event date: November 23, 2019
Organizer(s): The Spindle
Location Name: The Spindle
659 Auburn Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30312, United States

Thanksgiving is coming, and in the spirit of the holiday, we want to show our gratitude by doing something to benefit the most vulnerable among us. Cranksgiving is a relay race to collect goods for the needy and homeless in Atlanta. This will be a team event, so group up in threes for this one. The objective of this race will be to collect cans from each of the checkpoints that will be worth a certain number of points, with the team having the most points at the end of the race winning. This means that you will need a BAG, in addition to your HELMET because this is about doing good and we want everyone to be safe and happy at the end of the day. In lieu of cash, the entry fee will be FIVE ITEMS from the following list:

Any small, non-perishable, easy-open snack
Travel-size toiletries
Knitted hats/beanies/skullies
Hand and foot warmers

and for the overachievers:

Sleeping bags
Winter footwear

Thanks to the efforts of cyclists in the Atlanta community, we will have an opportunity to see these items make an impact through the Cycling For Good ride, and through donations to local organizations that will ensure that these donations make it to those who need it.

We'd also like to thank our sponsors who have committed to helping us pull this off, including:
Nikki Wolfson Levine and Roots Real Estate
Atlanta Pro Bikes
Earl’s Bike Shop
The Heavy Pedal
Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center
We're still looking for sponsors and volunteers, so feel free to send us a message at if you're interested.